Digital collection of Museum of Art's Graphics Porcelain

Digital collection of The Art Museum

The project “Digital Collection of the Art Museum” is a unique occurence for The V. V. Vereshchagin Mykolaiv Art Museum. The museum collection of porcelain of the end of XVIII – XX centuries and graphic works of the XVII – the middle part the XX century are mostly inaccessible to researchers and visitors due to several factors. Although it has extraordinary historical and cultural value and demonstrates the heritage of Ukrainian and European culture, the collection is kept in the funds, and has not previously been exhibited to a wide audience.
As a result of the project, a digital collection of porcelain and graphics was created with free 24/7 access. This enables to put works into scientific circulation, improves the base of scientific research, and provides unlimited reproduction of these copies.
Thus, in 2020-21 as a result of the project 518 graphic works (engraving, drawing, watercolor, pastel, etching, lithography) and 302 porcelain units were digitized, processed, researched, and cataloged.
A web resource has been created. It allows users to view and download electronic copies of units in a convenient format.

The publication of illustrated albums-catalogs is another source of knowledge about the rare museum collection among the cultural institutions of Ukraine.
In 2020, we created 5 3D models of graphic works in AR were created and a series of postcards were printed for the appropriate reading of images. An educational program of 4 online lectures was implemented. During these lectures experts from Ukraine and Europe shared knowledge and practical advice on the development of museums, attracting audiences, and promoting cultural leisure. In 2021, we created 7 3D models of porcelain items, educational videos on the history of porcelain and a photo project with museum exhibits were shot. They also made limited promotional products from ceramics to promote the project. The project contributes to the preservation and promotion of the cultural heritage of Ukraine and permits to integrate the achievements of national culture into the world cultural space, as well as opens Mykolaiv as another spot on the cultural map of the country.


Branicki's porcelain service

A brief history of porcelain

Fruit vase from Meissen

  • Oleksandr Kostiantynovych Bohomazov (1880-1930) entered the history of Ukrainian art as one of the founders of national cubo-futurism. During his lifetime Bohomazov was awarded the proud name "Ukrainian Picasso". Being one of the most talented artists of his time, in some

  • The V.V. Vereshchagin Mykolaiv Art Museum is a museum with an interesting century-old  history. Over the years, it collects, stores and reveals to its visitors the best examples of fine art that have been created in different countries around the

  • Mstislav Valerianovich Dobuzhinsky was an outstanding graphic artist, a master of expressive line, a great illustrator and book designer, a talented scenographer, a member of  "Mir iskusstva", a critic, and a memoirist. Dobuzhinsky was born in 1875 in Novgorod and was

  • Danilo Karpovich Krainev (13 (25).12.1872, Bosarevo village, Kaluga province, now Orel region, Russia - 02.06.1949, Odessa) was a painter, teacher, and Honored Artist of the USSR (1941). He was an active member of art associations that emerged in Southern Ukraine in

  • Mykhailo Ivanovych Zhuk (1883 -1964) was an extraordinary personality: painter, graphic artist, ceramist, prose writer, poet, dramaturge, fairy tale writer, critic, translator and teacher.  Mykhailo Zhuk was born in the town of Kakhovka, Kherson region, in the family of a painter.

  • The Graphic section of the works of V. V. Vereshchagin consists of nineteen drawings. All of them, except for two, were transferred from the Russian Museum of His Imperial Majesty Alexander III to "Society of Fine Arts in memory of



Boskin Mikhail V. “On the Pskov River”Dobuzhinsky Mstislav V. “St. Petersburg courtyard” 1912Korovin Konstantin A. “Corsair’s grotto” 1907Kruglikova Elizaveta S. “On the Boulevard Saint-Michel in Paris” 1914Soudeikine Serge Y. “Carnival. Paris” 1912Ulyanov Nikolai P. “Swing” 1903Bogomazov Alexander K. “Hands” 1927Zhuk Mykhailo I. “Flowers” 1947Krainev Danilo K. “Model with an owl sitting”Krychevsky Mykola V. “Mountain landscape with river” 1939Lentulov Aristarkh V. “Sketch of scenery for Stravinsky’s ballet “Firebird” 1919Luchishkin Sergey A. “On the field floor” 1930

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